Pharos To serve Incorporated - Inspired by one of the family members after supporting and visiting a children's home/orphanage in the region of Andhra Pradesh, India. The Smilovitis family felt more needed to be done and ventured out over a two year period expanding on the current work in the city of Nellore.

The Smilovitis family sponsored over 50 children plus staff over the two year period. It is our belief in setting the example before launching into new areas and collaborating with others on larger projects. 

Since July 2014 we have been investigating numerous opportunities in India with the desire to nurture wholesome social impact and sustainable childrens home/orhpanages by training next generation leaders.

It was during this season that Pharos To Serve became Incorpoarted with the Smilovitis family as the founding members. Pharos To Serve is a vehicle for ongoing ventures with likeminded individuals and organisations to facilitate larger broader projects. 

Why Pharos - History records one of the largest man made structures of a lighthouse in ancient Alexandria (Pharos of Alexandria). The lighthouse served as a centre of business and a refuge for merchants from around the known world.  These merchants would be filled with hope once they glimpsed the lighthouse, having survived the rough seas and distant travels. With business and philanthropic ideas, Pharos To Serve is an outreach to a world looking for hope. 

Since inception Pharos To Serve has started a number of succesful initiatives from orphanages to raising awareness around mental health and holding leadership and mentoring programs. We believe in service to others and we look to surround our selves with like minded partners looking to create social impact.