Pharos philosophy

Be a refuge - Build them up - Release them
Global Impact - One day at a time - One person at a time
Pharos To Serve Incorporated (Pharos) - Inspired by Mitchell Smilovitis, a young Perth business man after he supported and visited a childrens home/orphange in India. Moved by what he saw he ventured out over a two year period expanding on the current work in Nelore, India with a local Indian representative. Mitchell sponsored over 60 children plus staff which helped him to clarify how to continue contributing for the greater good. Mitchell believes in setting the example before launching into new areas and collaborating with others on larger projects. Pharos is always investigating opportunities to create sustainable enterprises and wholesome social impact. Pharos's ultimate aim is to train and develop next generation leaders and teach them to self govern as they add value to their world.

​From a Childrens Home/Orphanage in India to Leadership Development and Mental Health exploites in Perth; Pharos seeks to collaborate with likeminded people that understand that to serve is the highest honour.

Pharos is a lighthouse of hope to those trapped in the shadows of darkness.​

​"We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear" ~ Mandela


November 2015 Pharos launched Motivation Club MC

Leadership and peresonal development to self govern


May 2016 Pharos launched RUN FOR A FRIEND ;

Mental Health is within our reach