Giving in every area of life is nature's way of keeping us fresh and alive  

The measure of success isn't always what we accumilate, it's the ability to give back. Nature screams this wisdom from the four corners of the world, 'life begets life'. The ancient wisdom that it is better to give than to receive is understood by few. Pharos to serve is funded by those that resonate with this timeless truth.    

​We encourage you to partner with us in any of the following Pharos projects

​1. Pharos food project - Feeding and clothing those in need, starting with 100 malnourished children in remote villages in India in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

​2. Pharos Girls Home project - 2018 Pharos aim to launch a new girls home to feed, house and educate 50 orphan girls aged four to twelve. 

​3. Pharos run or a for a friend ; project - One tshirt buys two as we spread a simple and profound message, mental health is within our reach, collecting 1000 photgraphs and promoting them through social media

​4. Pharos motivation club project - Mentoring next generation leaders in our schools, workplace and home

​For further clarity on any of the above projects please contact us as you or your organisation consider

Partnering with Pharos to serve email tom@pharostoserve.org

ABN: 91120177325
Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commision (ACNC): Registered 
Deductible Gift Recipient: Endorsed

​PHAROS TO SERVE INCORPORATED is a Public Benevolent Institution (DGR Status 91 120 177 325)