India is an exciting place filled with incredible needs and opportunities to create social impact. Pharos methods of operation and  support are simple and profound nurturing accountabilty and community at every level. For further information contact tom@pharostoserve.org

We are currently working with local leadership in Nellore, Andrah Pradesh as they feed and clothe the poor from village to village and foster the care of vulnerable children.

People who give will never be poor ~ Anne Frank

Our gift of time, energy and resources invested in the next generation will give us a return very few investments can. 
2018 Pharos Girls Home - Pharos is currently developing  a strategy to open a girls home in the South of India which will be head quatered in Chennai - Pharos will raise funds and facilitate 50 girls between 4 years and twelve years of age. Pharos Girls Home will be a minimum ten year project in order to develop a sustainable nurturing culture for the natural process of multiplication to accur.

2016 Visit to the beach with children supported by Pharos


Some of the children supported by Pharos in conjunction with a local Childrens Home/Orphanage in the region of Andrha Predesh


The first visit to Nellore, India by the founder of Pharos to check on the local work called Hearts

Local Leaders on the ground in Nellore, India


Second Visit to Nellore, India looking for future leaders