In 2016 Pharos to serve embraked on a journey to explore how any person can contribute to the well being of anyone within their sphere of influence by reaching out and extending a hand of friendship.

Mental Health is within our reach

​'Intervention & Tough Love'



The semicolin has become symbolic of suicide survivors, meaning individuals put a pause in their life instead of a full stop in their darkest moments. We encourage individuals to do the same; take a pause while we back them for a season.
Mud Run 2016 raising awareness that Mental Health is within our reach

Mental Health in the Perth construction industry through intervention & tough love

Beach River Desert - 3500km father & son charity drive  sponsored by Perth business people promoting Mental Health in the work place. Perth to Newman to Port Hedland and back to Perth in three days. 

Hiking through Perth hills, steering individuals to natures healing power and the connection to Mental Health

Mentors in the work place led by ethics and morals, creating a thriving ripple effect of wholesome living  

Under the clouds of depression, mental illness, suicide, sickness, anxiety and addictions, we can individually and collectively offer
​rays of transfroming light that pierce the darkest moments in the hope of sparking new life
Run for a friend ; is the modern version of the ancient Good Samaritan story - A stranger reaching out to a man that was robbed and bruised and left to die on the street, The Good Samaritan saw an opportunity at his own cost to restore a fellow human being. We can all be a friend to a person in a time of need.